Rekha Sharma, M.C., M.P.H., C.W.S
3330 West 177th Street, Suite 2E
Hazel Crest, IL

Fall Risk Assessment & Balance Therapy

With a fellowship in Geriatrics, Rekha Sharma, MD MPH CWS understands that a fall can change a senior's life irreparably. Falls can cause vital, active people to decline both physically and emotionally. We want you to get back on - and stay on - your feet!
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Stroke
  • Equilibrium
  • Concussion
  • Fall
  • Injury
  • General Weakness
Dr. Sharma will reduce your risk of falls and the health-changing injuries that can result. Dr. Sharma will perform a full medical evaluation and assessment including vestibular and posturography diagnostics and PT/vestibular evaluation and may prescribe Balance Correction Training, a combination of vestibular and mobility therapies successful at reducing fall risks.

Call 708-799-5455 to make an appointment, or email to foreverfithealthcenter@yahoo.com to bring balance back to your life as quickly as possible!